0288 – Drug of Choice

Drug of Choice

People like to travel: that is why the grass is greener over the fence. We are walkers our natural means of travel is to put one foot in front of the other. The bicycle seduces our basic nature by making walking exciting. It lets us take 10-foot strides at 160 paces a minute. That’s 20 miles an hour, instead of 4 or 5… It is not only how fast you go, cars are faster and jet planes faster still. But jet-plane travel is frustrating boredom, at least the car gives the pictorial illusion of travel. Cycling does it all, you have the complete satisfaction of arriving because your mind has chosen the path and steered you over it; your eyes have seen it; your muscles have felt it; your breathing, circulatory and digestive systems have all done their natural functions better than ever, and every part of your being knows you have traveled and arrived.

– John Forester

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