0356 – Just Cruise

So these three cyclist go out for a late-fall training ride.

They’re hammering along when suddenly they hit a spot of black ice and fly off a cliff. When the first cyclist opens his eyes, and angel is standing before him.

“Who do you wish to be?” asks the angel.

“Huh?” says the cyclist.

“Look, you rode well and lived well. When you get to heaven you can choose to transform yourself into any rider who ever lived.”

Just then a racer in wool shorts and short-sleeved jersey whooshes by on a green bike.

“Hey!” says the cyclist, “That’s –”

“One of your friends,” says the angel, “He chose to be Fausto Coppi. So who do you wish to be?”

At that moment The Cannibal rips by them. “Aww man,” says the cyclist. “My other friend already took Eddy, didn’t he?”

“Oh, no,” says the angel “Your other friend lived. That’s just God. He wishes he was Eddy Merckx.”

What do you think?

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